Whistle While You Work – Then Drop Down and Give Me 20 Squats!

Laser cutters might produce some exquisite works, but no one said working the industrial-sized machines was easy.  The same critical eye used in other machine shops must be applied to laser cutters, especially those used in heavy industrial production and this can be tiring work. When there’s a push to fill orders and keep employees working long hours, they have little time to engage in fitness routines.  Science shows mixing work and fitness is good for the bottom line because it boosts productivity, aids collaborative interactions and improves the mood of employees who perform dull and repetitive jobs.  Not every company can afford to subsidize the activities of their employees, nor can they build a facility for them to use onsite.  What they can do is encourage them to take walks, leave early to put in time at the gym or other fitness facility and make sure they take breaks, days off and full vacations.  Researchers have noticed a disturbing trend in American employees leaving millions of hours of vacation on the books.  They choose to stay at work in lieu of taking a week off because they don’t want to appear disloyal.  There’s talk also that the H1b visa program worries some American workers so much they would rather forfeit their vacation than risk being replaced by a foreign worker they might have to train.


Finding time to exercise at work is particularly interesting because of the effects it has on the morale of the employee.  Far from the distraction management first thought it to be, they now see the science behind it which shows it’s a performance booster.  Some employees decide to become certified fitness professionals.  Many use the services of the American Council on Exercise and take their certification courses or continuing education classes and put what they learn to use at work.


Education and Laser Cutting Technologies

Laser cutters in education is also becoming a viable opportunity for trade schools, high schools, colleges and universities to teach laser technology.  You can find laser companies that serve educational institutions and get ideas with their laser cutters here.  There’s a lot to choose from so be sure to read tech support reviews and not just the product itself.


Even if your laser cutter company lacks what Google graciously provides its employees – on-site fitness centers, 200+ exercise classes, bocce courts, a bowling alley and the like, you can still fit in an exercise routine at your desk that will get effective results.  See some reviews of Laguna tools reviews as well.  Its actually not a bad company to find affordable tools or laser equipment from what I’ve found (as a side note :).

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