Why use a laser cutter

The Laser is the abbreviation of “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, that is to say Amplification of Light by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is a system that produces a coherent and concentrated beam of light through electronic stimulation or molecular transmissions to lower energy levels in an active medium (solid, liquid or gaseous). When applied in the processing of materials, it is verified that the high energy density of the Laser beam on the laser cutter promotes the fusion and evaporation of these, in regions very localized as a function of the high thermal gradient generated.

Where is it used?

At present, it is possible to verify the application of the laser cutter in different areas, such as: Materials Processing (welding, cutting, surface thermal treatment, machining and engraving). Dimensional control, medicine, dentistry, entertainment, telecommunications, etc.

In the Materials Processing industry the application of the Laser is present in the following markets:

-Cars (Assemblers and Autoparts)

-Mechanical Transformation (Machines, Equipment and Service Providers)


-Transportation (Road, Rail, Metro, Maritime, Air)


-Glass and Non-Metallic materials

What are the advantages of Laser Cutting for the industry?

Why have a good laser cutter?It is often said that “Laser is a sharp and wear-free cutting tool”.

In fact, the Laser is the most advanced technological process for thermal cutting, which has as main advantages:

-High precision

-Excellent quality of cut surface

– Minimum deformation levels, emissions of smoke and noise

-Minimum Thermally Affected Zone (ZTA)

-Extensive breathing (Kerf), reducing material loss

-High cutting speed

-Extremely versatile when processing an immense variety of materials

– Automated system that enables the cutting of complex geometric figures with 2D or 3D


What About A Laser Cutter for Students At School?

es It used to be working class when I was young.  Now students have classes on learning how to use a laser cutter and the graphics programs associated with operation.   Schools and Universities are more and more show casing their institutions cutting edge on education with laser technology.  And kids love it!


Why invest in a laser engraver?

Added to these characteristics, the increasing technological evolution has enabled, in recent years, the reduction of the cost of the initial investment in equipment and the increase of the power of these, accrediting the LASER CUT procedure as an excellent option not only for an exclusively technical evaluation, In the case of processing of non-metallic materials, but also by a cost-benefit analysis for cutting metals. It is with this vision that LASER ENGRAVING MACHINES have increasingly emerged within many more companies, expanding on a large scale in the world scenario and particularly in South America and particularly – Brazil.


How effective is this process?

The efficiency of the co2 laser engraver process is mainly related to:

Cutting-laser-Correct selection of characteristics of the Laser Generation System

-Quality of the positioning system and relative movement of the material set / cutting head


-Capacitation of operators and programmers

-Quality of gases used

-Quality of gas supply facilities

-Technical assistance

There are many offers of Laser Systems on the market and an evaluation of all the variables that influence the complex phenomena involved in this process is fundamental to obtain the desired results. Among the main variables, we can highlight:

-Type of material to be processed, its chemical composition and thickness

-Quality required for cutting and its geometry of

-Production Scale with co2 laser cutter
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