Rotary or Laser: Which cutting Method is Best

Many people are wondering if they should purchase the laser cutter or the rotary cutter. This is because they have different cutting methods and they don’t know which one is best to use. In order to be able to choose the right one, you need to know more about these machines and know the pros and cons of these machines. Then, you will know for sure which engraving method is the best.

The rotary cutter

This is one rotational tool that many companies are utilizing for cylindrical shaped items.  This isn’t because this is the best method, but because this is the method that they know and that they are familiar with. A rotary cutter is a huge machine and you need to have lots of different space for it. So much different from the laser cutter machine.

With the rotary cutter, it is difficult to cut the materials, and you can’t really use a variety of different materials to cut. This is the best option if you have a large number of products that need to be cut simultaneously, but you need to have a large space available for this machine.  Maintenance and running costs are also a lot more expensive.  Find rotary attachments for your laser machine here:  Rotary attachments are great for engraving cylinder shaped objects.  

The laser cutter

There is a huge difference between the rotary cutter and the laser cutter. This is a newer machine for cutting commercial products. It takes a lot less space and it easier to cut without wasting any materials.

The problem is that there are only a few people that are familiar with this cutter and that knows that it is best to invest in this one instead of the rotary cutter. This cutter is a lot faster than the rotary cutter and is more efficient. The cost of the machine is more than the rotary cutter, but because it is easier to work with and that it is working faster, this is making the costs value for money. See more.

Which one is the best

Even if there are many people that are still using the rotary cutter, this doesn’t mean that this is the best option for you and your company. This just means that they don’t have the information or the finances to switch to the laser cutter.

If you are looking at everything thing, the pros and cons included, you will see that the laser cutter machine is the one that is the best for cutting. You can use this machine a lot easier, and it is the machine that is more recommended. Even, if the startup costs of this machine are a lot more than the rotary cutter.

The rotary cutter or the laser cutter? Which one is really the best to use, especially in the long run. When you are considering everything, you will see that the laser cutter is the one that people are recommending the most. This is a newer way of cutting different material, without losing too much material in the process. The machine is easy to use and anyone can use the laser cutter machine without any problems.


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