Industrial Laser Cutting

Industrial Laser Cutting

How does a laser cutter machine work? This is the question many people ask, after all many people imagine laser cutting works like magic. It might seem that way, however, it is important to keep in mind that there are several different laser cutter machines available out there, such as a fiber laser cutting machine, a co2 laser engraver, a laser cutter machine and many other different types. click here for further information.

The fiber laser cutting machine is equipment that uses high technology. The cutting capacities, i.e. the thicknesses of the metal sheets that can be worked depend basically on the type of material and the power of the laser to be employed. The main feature of Laser cutting is that the material removed is very small, less than 10%, which gives the laser a high precision and high cutting speed, especially in thin thicknesses.


How the magic of how it works

The laser cutter machine works integrated with a CAD / CAM system, in which a detailed project is developed and used as guidance in the material that will be done the job. This process does not require the development of matrices and, moreover, is fast and efficient.

In the laser cutting process, a device called a blower (a type of turbine) rotates at 900 Hz and circulates CO2 (carbon dioxide) inside a chamber where there are two electrodes connected to a high voltage source. These two electrodes create an electric field that increases the energy of the gas (CO2) inside the chamber and because of this increase; the electrons of the atoms that form the CO2 excite and change from orbital level, turning to more external levels. The same can be said when it comes to the co2 laser engraver, which is also very common in the market, especially in industrial areas, whether for technology or textile industries. for more details, visit :

Industrial Laser Cutting

How does a CO2 laser engraver engrave and cut?

In order for the cut to be made, a high-power generator produces a beam that is taken to the cutting head, which directs the laser beam through an optical path (through adjustable mirrors). The ray, which until then had low energy density, passes through a focus lens that adjusts the intensity and size of the beam. When it reaches the head of the laser machine, the light is concentrated through lenses at a single point, this direction of the laser light, occurs in a diameter less than 0.25mm.

The focused beam has a high energy density and is directed to the material to be machined. This is how the cut is done. The energy density of the beam is so great that it “melts” the material in the cut line. This is how the laser cutter machine actually works. Of course there are different types of machines, thus different systems, however, the system may vary from machine to machine, but all in the same line.


Where to use a laser cutter machine?

In a few milliseconds the laser cutter machine does the work. The system allows complex projects, full of details and difficult angles, to be perfectly executed. This is perfect for all sorts of businesses all over the world across a types of industry from auto to decor to wood working.  You can review some hobby lasers from Full Spectrum Laser as well.

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