How to Enhance Production With the Use of Laser Cutting Systems

How to Enhance Production With the Use of Laser Cutting Systems

Today, the high competitiveness among companies has been driven by the management of various manufacturing processes. Increased productivity has been achieved by waste disposal and employment of modern production systems. Organizations able to better manage the use of their resources have a great differential for the companies that want to increase their profit. This is a very good option for those who would like to start saving cash by using fiber laser cutting machine. click here for more information.

Every company when it manufactures some product aims profit. For this to happen, it must be produced at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, it is necessary not only to have good employees, good facilities and modern machinery, it is necessary that all this patrimony be used in the most productive way possible. One of the ways to ensure this is by applying technological know-how linked to the process adopted, in this case, processes using fiber laser cutting machine help companies to provide better products for much lower cost, automatically increasing profit.


How can laser cutter machines help in overall productivity

The use of laser cutter machines is recommended when the parts present complicated shapes and a surface finish practically free of burrs in the cutting region is required. These characteristics that every company has to rationalize production, reducing losses with non-conformities and taking full advantage of the surface of the sheet, thus increasing profit. Because it is a modern, high-investment process, laser cutting with laser cutter requires to be used in the best possible way, in terms of productivity and quality. One of the ways to improve this process is to define the best type of gas to be used in the cutting of carbon steel plates of different thicknesses. to know more about laser cutting, visit :

How to Enhance Production With the Use of Laser Cutting Systems


How to plan sheet cutting with laser cutter

The planning of sheet cutting, as well as the need to reduce costs and lead times for products, has led many metal-mechanic sector to modernize with the purchase of state-of-the-art machines, which require the use of programming software and allow the use of various cutting techniques. The laser beam is formed by the emission of a beam of light and a mixture of gases such as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), He (Helium) and N2 (Nitrogen). Besides these gases such as O2 (Oxygen), N2 (Nitrogen) and compressed air, which have the function of material and the oxides of the cut surface, using co2 laser cutter also helps companies have a much more accurate production, offering their clients top quality sheets.  According to Boss Laser, LLC companies are looking for a more value based cutting machine that can process both organic and metal materials.  Depending on the power selected often CO2 can process both types.  However, CO2 is more applicable to organics whereas fiber technology is best for metals.  See Thunderlaser reviews here.


The bottom line on co2 laser cutters

Considering what was previously mentioned and taking into account the needs of the company, the following research problem was defined for this work: “It is possible to increase productivity using different to optimize the laser cutting process? “The possibility of conducting a study on the laser cutting process  with co2 laser cutter comes from the topics covered in Production Engineering and also from the practical experience gained daily as operator and programmer of laser cutting centers in a metallurgical industry.

The justifications for the development of this work are in the gains that the organizations present by making highly optimized and reliable their productive processes, enabling managers to take early action.


As a general objective, it is important to propose a study aimed at reducing the time of laser cutting through the use of different assistance.  The specific objectives are defined as:

  • Carry out a data collection about the laser cutting, studying the fundamental characteristics of this process;
  • Make comparative experiments between some thicknesses of1020 carbon steel plates and cutting simulations, according to the parameters stipulated by the machine manufacturer;
  • Analyze how the use of the oxygen assist gases, nitrogen and compressed air, influence the time and quality of the products produced by co2 laser cutter.
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