Benefits of Combining CO2 and Fiber Laser Machines for Sheet Metal Job Shops

Benefits of Combining CO2 and Fiber Laser Machines for Sheet Metal Job Shops

It is hard to believe, but there is a quick, easy, and practical method to deal with the rust of our everyday life: just use a laser cannon. There are videos all over the web that show this machine running a device that can easily remove metal oxidation and safely clean the surface that has been corroded over time. And also, did you know that combining a co2 fiber laser machine for sheet metal jobs is also possible and widely used worldwide? Taking rust is not the only application a co2 laser cutter has (as many people can quickly think about). In fact using a co2 laser cutter together with a fiber laser cutting machine can save sheet metal workers a lot of time and money on the long run. click here for related details.

Want to take the rust off and make your life easier?

The name of this machine is CL 1000 and is capable of delivering incredible performance in its removal activity thanks to its 1000 watts of power. No matter whether you’re targeting large companies, in the field or in areas near the ocean, this device promises to deliver maximum productivity and meet the need of those who need to get rid of the rust and oxidation of other metals. This is also perfect for companies that simply work with sheet metal. This machine, as any other fiber laser cutting machine, provides the chance of making precise cuts with extended life hours, helping companies deliver top quality work for much less, using better technology altogether. ┬áBoss Laser has a new laser and CNC machine for processing. ┬áCheck updates of this new machine at their FB page here: boss laser review.

Other applications of fiber laser cutting machine that might interest you

In addition to removing rust and oxidation completely and easily, the CL 1000 can also be used to remove paints, prepare a surface for a new application, abrasive surface treatment, tool cleaning, oil and acid removal, nuclear decontamination and more. This can be very useful to your business, plus there are similar machines that were meant to be used by sheet metal cutting companies, which improves the quality of the work and makes the day to day much smoother. for further information,click on :

Benefits of Combining CO2 and Fiber Laser Machines for Sheet Metal Job Shops

Because of its frightening power, the CL 1000 is cooled by air and water, and accompanies a gigantic source of energy wherever it goes. Despite this, the manufacturer guarantees that the machine is still able to offer portability because of its long extension cable, allowing the use of this device in situations and places possibly complicated and difficult to access. Would you like to know everything a fiber laser cutting machine can offer to your business? Keep researching and you will see that little investment can bring you much more profit and overall cost reduction.

How much for laser machines overall?

You will see that fiber laser cutting machine can have a very affordable price and will be especially accessible if you are a company. It is a great idea that you do plenty of research before actually buying any machine, but soon you will find something that will fit right into your budget.

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